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  • Waste oil tanks – the forgotten risk

    Last week, one of our RSK Raw teams attended a site to examine a spill of an unconfirmed volume of waste engine and gear oil from a 2700 litre oil tank, and this incident served as a reminder of how  businesses need to be aware of the rolling repercussions of COVID-19.   Like all other service […]

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  • Social distancing – a masterclass!

    There was some impressive social distancing in action in an English woodland this week. While off to do some essential pollution containment works, the teams from our Malvern and Camberley offices made sure there was not a smidgen of a chance they weren’t adhering to the 2-metre distancing rule, and it is great to have photographic evidence our teams are taking social distancing extremely seriously.    […]

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  • All hands to the pump!

    A diesel spill from an unknown source at a commercial property in Bedford has been a long running project for our Cambridge staff. After an extensive period of monitoring, while liaising with the Environment Agency and the client, a remediation system has recently been implemented to treat contaminated groundwater and remove diesel from the groundwater’s surface. Five abstraction pumps are already in place and soil vapour extraction on each […]

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  • Catch of the Day

    Recently, A homeowner showed some impressive initiative after noticing kerosene on the ground around the boiler. By contacting the International Spill Accreditation Scheme and getting hold of RSK Raw’s number, our local team in Cambridge were able to get out to the property that very day, letting insurance take over after that. And the homeowner’s quick thinking really […]

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  • The importance of digital management systems

    Providing our teams with access to the latest digital software has always been a priority at RSK Raw, and recent conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic have overwhelmingly justified our long-running investment in computer technology. Luckily, with GDPR compliant digital management systems already in place, working from home has taken on a whole new meaning! By allowing our project managers to constantly track active projects, this management software means our customers’ needs […]

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  • Simple solutions

    There’s nothing like an emergency call out that can be solved quickly and easily! Much to the homeowner’s relief, this leaking heating oil tank proved to be quite a drama-free day for the Camberley team, and rapid response, assessment, mitigation, remediation and all site works were completed efficiently and cost-effectively during one site visit. Our in-house OFTEC registered engineer had to […]

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  • Installing SVE lances

    Greg and Clemence, from our Camberley team, have been hard at work! Recently, they were tasked with the installation of sacrificial soil vapour extraction (SVE) lances below the floor of a house, in preparation for a third-party contractor to begin reinstatement works. The result? Neat work efficiently completed to schedule! Nicely done, Camberley team!  

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  • A simmering issue

    A leaking external boiler, adjacent to the house, caused a homeowner a little agitation recently. Luckily, our Malvern team promptly carried out a walkover survey and were able to mitigate risks to the house structure, internal air and groundwater abstraction borehole with the speedy removal of contaminated materials. It just goes to show that when an unexpected problem […]

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  • A job not to be sniffed at!

    A contaminated septic tank would have most people fuming, but when the tank is located adjacent to an English river then there’s no point getting incensed about it – let’s face it, who nose where that might lead? When this particular septic tank became impacted with kerosene contamination, Wayne, John and Noah from the Malvern team took the scent-sible approach – indeed, […]

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  • Soil Vacuum Extraction in Cornwall

    Down in Cornwall, our local team is busy checking key systems! Thirteen months ago, an SVE system was installed at a property where the depth of the contamination under the floor of the house combined with structural issues meant deep excavation wasn’t feasible. When undertaking system monitoring this week, the team was happy to see the VOC output had gradually reduced from an […]

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